we are professional cellulose ether manufacturer in China,main product include HPMC,RDP,HPS

High Viscosity Cellulose Ether for Wall Putty

High Viscosity Cellulose Ether for Wall Putty
HPMC Cellulose Ether for Cement Mortar
 Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Cellulose Ethers for Tile Adhesives
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Cellulose ether)  is a non-ionic, water soluble white powder. It can be used as an agent of water retention, thickening, adhesive and dispersing, and also plays a role of protective colloid, stabilizer,suspension and film forming.
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose / hpmc cellulose ether is widely used in tile adhesives, wall putty/skim coat, plaster/render mortars, EIFS, tile grouts, joint filler, self leveling compounds, detergents, ready to use paints and coatings, etc.

Viscosity Range: NDJ-4 Rotational viscometer,2% aqueous solution,20ºC

Grade Viscosity Range(mpa.s) Grade Viscosity Range(mpa.s)
5 3-9 8000 7000-9000
15 10-20 10000 9000-11000
25 20-30 20000 15000-25000
50 40-60 40000 35000-45000
100 80-120 60000 46000-65000
400 300-500 80000 66000-84000
800 700-900 100000 85000-120000
1500 1200-2000 150000 130000-180000
4000 3500-4500 200000 ≥180000
Name Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
Content of hydroxypropyl% 7.0-12.0
Content of Methoxyl % 26.0-30.0
Gel temperatureºC 54-72
Ash(Wt%) ≤5
Water(Wt%) ≤1
PH 5-8
Appearance White Powder or granula
Fineness 100mesh≥98.5%;80mesh≥100%
Surface Treatment Cold water instant type: surface treatment
Ordinary hot melt type: without surface treatment
Cellulose ethers (HPMC, MHEC, HEC): 
20'FCL:10 tons with pallets or 12 tons without pallets.
40'FCL:20 tons with pallets or 24 tons without pallets.
Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP): 
20'FCL:12 tons with pallets or 14 tons without pallets.
40'FCL: 24 tons with pallets or 25 tons without pallets.
our company mainly produces hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and redispersible latex powder (VAE) and other products. The professional R&D team independently researches and develops high-stability and super-quality product formulas based on customer geographical differences, industry differences, product differences, and other factors. It is equipped with world-class production equipment, uses German horizontal kettle "one-step" production technology, and fully automated production lines. , Implement a complete and strict production testing process to ensure that the product quality tends to the international level. The annual output of cellulose (HPMC) can reach 15000 tons, and the annual output of redispersible rubber powder can reach 16000 tons.

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