we are professional cellulose ether manufacturer in China,main product include HPMC,RDP,HPS

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose price

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose price

Hydroxypropy Methyl Cellulose For Construsction Grade 

Construction Grade HPMC for Cement Based Tile Adhesive


Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)

Appearance : Milky white or white powder

Carbonization temperature : 280-300 %

Color temperature:   190-200 %

Particle size: 100 mesh pass rate is greater than 98.8%;80 mesh pass rate 99.9%;The particle size of special specification is 40-60 mesh

Apparent density: 0.25-0.70g/cm(usually about 0.5g/cm), specific gravity: 1.26-1.31


Solubility: soluble in water and some solvents, such as appropriate proportion of ethanol/water, propanol/water.The aqueous solution has surface activity, high transparency and stable performance.


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, also known as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, fiber bundle hydroxypropyl methyl ether, is the selection of highly pure cotton fiber as raw material under alkaline conditions by special etherification and preparation.It has the characteristics of thickening ability, salt resistance, low ash content, PH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film forming, and extensive mildew resistance, dispersibility and adhesion.

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose price

Product name Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
Content of methoxyl 24.0  -   30.0
Content of hydroxy propyl 9.0  -  12.0
Temperature of gelation 63℃   - 75 ℃
Moisture max.5%
Ash max5%
PH value 7   -   8
Appearance white powder
Fitness 80-100 mesh
Viscosity 4,000 to 200,000 it can be customized
HPMC increased with methoxy content reduce, the gel point water solubility and surface activity also declind, depends on customer's situation.

Product properties


1. Water Retention: The water retention will be enhanced, which is helpful with such problems as cement or gypsum construction material drying too fast and poor hardening or cracking due to insufficient hydration.

2. Operationality: It can enhance the plasticity of mortar and improve the coating efficiency in construction projects.

3. Adhesivity: It can make mortar attach to base material better since the plasticity of mortar is enhanced.

4. Slip Resistance: It can prevent slipping problem between mortar and the base material in construction project as a result of its thickening effect.


We are a professional factory to produce the high performance cellulose ether, main products include: Hydroxypropl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) & reproducible dispersible latex powder (VAE). We introduce advanced equipment and production technology from abroad, has 6 non-ionic cellulose ether production lines. Annualproduction capacity about 16000 tons.

Our experienced research and develop team work hand in hand with out dynamic sales department and technical testing teams toensure kind of hpmc product delivered on time, every time. Believe you will be satisfied with our products if you are searchingfor a reliable and long-term relationship supplier in this field.


Packing & Delivery

Package: In 25kg composite film bags inner with PE bags.

25kg/bag; 20'container: 14 tons, 560bags; 40'container: 25 tons, 1000bags.

customized bags is ok


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