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Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose/HPMC Cellulose Manufacturer

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is a non-ionic cellulose ether made from cellulose, a natural polymer material, through a series of chemical processing. It is an odorless, odorless, non-toxic white powder that can be dissolved in cold water to form a transparent, viscous solution. It has the properties of thickening, sticking and retaining moisture.
The main role of HPMC in mortar has three aspects, one is excellent water retention capacity, the other is the effect on mortar consistency and thixotropy, and the third is the interaction with cement. The higher the transparency of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, the better the water retention.
HPMC use highly pure cotton as raw material. It is a kind of white or whitish powder. 
HPMC decreases with the decrease of methoxide content, increase of gel point, decrease of water solubility and decrease of surface activity. 
HPMC has thickening ability, salt resistance, low ash powder, pH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film forming, and a wide range of enzyme resistance, dispersion and adhesion.
It's white or off-white powder, non-toxic tasteless, and readily soluble in hot or cold water. HPMC also used for ceramics, tobaccos and detergents, etc.
Product Application
Construction building materials,Industry ceramic,Painting material,Oil printing,Polyethylene,Textile,Paper manufacture,Cosmetics.
Industrial and Building Material HPMC
Construction industry
1. Cement mortar: Increase the dispersion of cement-sand, greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar, which is effective in preventing cracks, and can enhance the strength of cement.
2. Ceramic tile cement: improve the plasticity, water-holding capacity of pressed ceramic tile mortar, improve the bonding strength of ceramic tile, and prevent powdering.
3. Coating of asbestos and other refractories: as suspension safety agent, fluidity improver, but also improve the adhesion to the substrate.
4. Gypsum coagulant slurry: improve water retention and processability, improve the adhesion to the base.
5. Joint cement: Joint cement added to gypsum board to improve fluidity and water retention.ect
Product Name HPMC Cellulose 
Product Name HPMC
Methoxy content(%) 18-32
Hydroxypropyl content(%) 8-----16
Gel temperature(%ºC) 54-75 C
Water(%) ≤5%
Ash(Wt%) ≤2%
PH value 7---8
Appearance White Powder
Fineness (mesh) 80-100.mesh
Viscosity(mpa.s) 200-200000,also can produce according to customer's requirements
surface treatment cold water insant type: surface treatment Non-insant type: without surface treatment
Product properties
1. Water Retention: The water retention will be enhanced, which is helpful with such problems as cement or gypsum construction material drying too fast and poor hardening or cracking due to insufficient hydration.
2. Operationality: It can enhance the plasticity of mortar and improve the coating efficiency in construction projects.
3. Adhesivity: It can make mortar attach to base material better since the plasticity of mortar is enhanced.
4. Slip Resistance: It can prevent slipping problem between mortar and the base material in construction project as a result of its thickening effect.
HPMC are packed in the following two types of packages.
A. 25 Kg bag with polyethylene inner ,and 12 MT with pallet is loaded in one container of 20 ft.
B. 25 Kg bag with polyethylene inner ,and 14 MT without pallet is loaded in one container of 20 ft

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